Tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle while at home

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic situation today, the community continues to be encouraged to implement social distancing to break the chain of viral propagation.

Tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle while at home
Tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle while at home

The perceived impact is that the activity becomes limited, while a variety of daily necessities must be met.

To support the social distancing movement, Shopee delivers #BelanjaDariRumah campaign to all users in order to make online shopping safe and comfortable.

Aditya Maulana Noverdi, Public Relations Lead Shopee Indonesia said that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a priority in the midst of current pandemic situations.

 "To support the course of a healthy lifestyle during the home, Shopee invites people to continue to run social distancing and utilize e-commerce technology in fulfilling the needs of health products with safe and comfortable shopping through our campaigns #BelanjaDariRumah ",  "He said is quoted from a press release that business received.

To maintain the health of the public, Shopee provides tips on maintaining healthy lifestyle while at home according to Shopee:

1. Vitamin consumption: In addition to eating nutritious foods, consuming vitamins also need to maintain your immune system!

2. Use masks when sick: when feeling less fit, don't forget to use a mask at home to avoid contaging the disease to other family members. 

3. Stay healthy. Don't forget to keep the house clean and stay active by doing sports at home.

4. Stay optimistic. Our mental health is important to stay healthy during the home. Refresh your mind by doing activities like meditation, reading a book or listening to music.

5. Hand wash routine. As the body's organs most often come into contact with objects that have not been ensured cleanliness, hand washing is proven to prevent the spread of viruses and diseases. 

6. Don't Panic!. Up to date with the news is necessary, but do not affect your health. Stay alert and don't panic!

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