Some diseases caused by viruses are rare, but need to be wary of

Influenza or flu is one of the diseases caused by viruses, which is most common. While polio, Ebola, rubella, MERS, and HIV/AIDS are virus-induced diseases that belong to the more serious. In addition, there are also diseases caused by viruses, which are rare but still need to be recognized and aware of.

Some diseases caused by viruses are rare, but need to be wary of
Some diseases caused by viruses are rare, but need to be wary of

Diseases caused by less frequent viruses include bowenoid papulosis, Japanese encephalitis and Monkeypox. Get to know these three types of diseases well so you can avoid them.

Rare Virus-induced illness

The Virus has a very small size, even smaller than bacteria. Just like bacteria, viruses can also cause disease in humans. The virus works by attacking healthy cells, then using them to multiply to produce the same virus (replication). When infected with a virus, the cell may die or be damaged and cause the sufferer to become sick.

There are various diseases caused by viruses, ranging from mild to fatal. There are at least three types of diseases caused by viruses, which, though rare, should be aware of:

Bowenoid papulosis
Bowenoid Papulosis is caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). This disease affects the genital organs and may cause the appearance of warts in the sex of someone who is sexually active. In men, bowenoid papulosis disease is called PIN (neoplasia penis intraepithelial). While in women is called VIN (vulva neoplasia Intraepitel), because it occurs in the vulva. In cases that occur, the disease can attack the anus and is referred to as AIN (intraepithelial Anatian neoplasia).

Bowenoid papulosis disease and warts disease in the genitals have a slightly similar tissue. Both have characterised characters that are considered benign. Therefore, Bowenoid Papulosis is categorized as a transition between wart disease in the genitals and Bowen disease (malignant cancer in the squamous cell in the skin).

Generally, the case of Bowenoid Papulosis is found in a benign state, although there are some that can develop into malignant. Therefore, the condition of patients who suffer from this disease should continue to be monitored.

Japanese encephalitis

Japanese encephalitis includes diseases caused by viruses that are transmitted through the mediator of mosquitoes. The virus can also be transmitted through pigs and infected birds, but mosquitoes remain the main intermediary for the spread of the Japanese encephalitis virus. The disease is not contagious from human to human.

Generally the earliest symptoms arise similar to flu. But in rare cases, viral infections may invade the brain and cause more severe symptoms, such as fever, disorientation, stiffness, unable to speak, tremor or shaking, muscle weakness and paralysis, to seizures. Symptoms usually appear 5-15 days after the virus is infected.

Until now, Japanese encephalitis still no cure. The treatment that can be done for the disease caused by this virus is to treat the symptoms that arise, as well as help the body fight the infection.
The disease is found in East Asia, southeast Asia, and Pacific Islands. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry because there is already a vaccine for Japanese Enchepalitis.


The disease caused by the next virus is monkeypox or known as a monkey pox. The Virus monkeypox causes the skin of the sufferer to have the natives resemble the chicken pox, although not as severe as smallpox is common. This disease occurs a lot in countries in the middle and West African continents.

Monkeypox is transmitted in humans through the mediation of rats (or rodent animals) by means of direct contact, bitten, or exposed to the animal's blood or body fluid. Humans are also likely to pass on other humans, but this is rare. Consuming uncooked meat from infected animals can also transmit the disease.

Fever and nausea are the earliest symptoms of monkeypox, only then appeared in the nits after 4-7 days. The disease can last about 2-3 weeks to the healing period. Treatment for monkeypox is similar to the treatment of smallpox, as well as the prevention of the use of smallpox vaccines. This is because the virus monkeypox is close relative to the smallpox virus.

In addition to the above three diseases, there are many other types of diseases caused by viruses that are also rare, but need to be wary of. It is important to implement a healthy lifestyle and maintain the cleanliness of the environment, so avoid various diseases. If symptoms arise, should consult a doctor immediately to get the appropriate treatment.

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