5 Healthy Living patterns This is worth doing during WFH!

The corona outbreak that occurs today makes you forced to restrict activity outdoors. As a result, learning and working activities must be done from the house to avoid the crowd and gather in crowded places. The quarantine period you are living at home, you can actually use to change your diet and your lifestyle to be healthier. For those of you who are undergoing work from home (WFH) or working from home, it means that you can eat more often the food you make yourself at home. This, it is a good sign for the improvement of your body's health.   Take advantage of the WFH you are working on, by changing your food intake to be healthier and more nutritious. This new routine, can be a detox for your body that will produce tremendous changes to your health. From the food. NDTV, Tuesday (7/4/2020) The following 5 healthy dietary tips as long as you are in the WFH:

5 Healthy Living patterns This is worth doing during WFH!
5 Healthy Living patterns This is worth doing during WFH!

1. Consumption of food enough nutrition one of the advantages of this quarantine is that you can eat food cooked at home more often, so make every meal balanced. Consume moderate carbohydrates, adequate proteins, some dairy products, and lots of vegetables. Eating nutritious foods will have an impact on your energy levels and productivity. It will also keep you from consuming fast food that is not good for the body.

2. Food serving as needed learn and understand your portion and obey them. Physical activity decreases, excessive eating can increase your weight. A simple way to do is: half a plate of vegetables, a quarter of arbohydrate, a quarter of proteins, and 150-200 ml of milk.

3. Improve your eating time just because it works from home, not that you can eat anytime. Preserve your meal time settings like weekdays. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at least 9 pm. Break the snack between your main meal times for 10-15 minutes, this helps refresh you. Save the snack in the amount you need to eat by your side. Never bring a container to your desk. Do not place the desk near where you store the food stock. Sure you don't want to chew every time you wake up from your desk. 

4. Drink water save a bottle of water at your desk. Try and drink more between meals, it will reduce your meal portion when you are undergoing a weight loss program.

5. Sports routine In addition to changing your diet, physical activity remains necessary to balance your body's health condition during WFH. There are many simple sports you can do at home, without even using any props. This will improve your healthy lifestyle changes for the future.

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