3 Key Healthy living in Corona pandemic era

In the middle of the corona or Covid-19 pandemic, it is important for us to take on various precautions, including keeping social distances, staying home, and not touching our faces when outside the house. However, an unhealthy lifestyle can negatively impact our body. According to Moch. Aldis Rusliladi, SKM, CNWC, Nutrition Wellness Consultant Nutrifood, health should be very concerned in the moment of pandemic as it is now.

3 Key Healthy living in Corona pandemic era
3 Key Healthy living in Corona pandemic era

"The spread of Covid-19 is very fast. On 2 March, there were two cases in Indonesia. Now the number is up. The government has already done the treatment, but as an individual we can also do something. "said Aldis in the Kelas.mu Learning LIVE program, the Sekolah.mu and Nutrifood collaboration program that aired on Youtube. "Important to power our immunity especially in moments like this. Diet and exercise, as well as our other patterns of life are influential too. "" Long-term effects when conducting self-quarantine, we are exposed to unhealthy risks to develop non-metabolic diseases. "

The health risks of self-isolation at home, said Aldis, includes eating patterns over calorie limits and tends to be less motion. "Based on data from 2018, the excess diet of people in Indonesia reaches 43 percent. " "About 40.7 percent of Indonesians eat fried foods more than once a day. And, 53.1 percent of Indonesians consumed high sugar daily, "said Aldis. "I'm sure in a time like now, this figure can increase. "

Aldis mentions, based on Health Jade Team's 2019 data on the ratio of waist circumference, the greater the waist circumference, so it is risky to get chronic diseases such as Covid-19. "For men who are at risk of chronic disease it has a waist dill more than 90 cm, while in women over 80 cm. " "People who are obese more susceptible to getting the corona virus, can even be more severe symptoms. We can measure the use of the hand, if more than four are annoyed, the mark of our waist circumference is too big. "According to Aldis, there are three keys to healthy living while undergoing activity in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic:

1. Eating resolution  "What is the eating resolution is, we have to consume a variety of foods. There are carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, not just carbohydrates,  "Tutur Aldis.  "If you are doing self-quarantine, eat vegetables with half portion of one plate. " While for fruit, it is recommended that at least one apple fruit, one banana fruit, seven strawberries, three pieces of date, or eight grapes.  "added by Aldis, we are also obliged to limit consumption of sugar, salt, and fat during the pandemic period. "The safe sugar limit per day is 50 grams or equivalent to four tablespoons of sugar. Then, 5 grams of salt or equivalent of one teaspoon of salt. While oil, safe consumption is in the number 67 grams or five tablespoons of oil.  "

How to reduce consumption of sugar, said Aldis, can consume tea or juice without sugar, or use low-calorie sugar.  "Than the consumption of donuts or cake as a snack, fruit is much healthier. Always ready for mineral water on the go.  "To limit salt, Aldis encourages us to reduce sauces, soy sauce, or sambal during meals. "Choose a lower-than-salt conditioning."  "When cooking, expand the spices to add flavor to the cuisine without the need for salt. Garlic and mushrooms can also give a taste to the food,  "he said. " In addition, reduce consumption of processed products and consume fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables. Because the content of potassium in fruits and vegetables is high, it can replace sodium.  "Then, according to Aldis, we can change the way of cooking to limit the fat.  "We can do a variety of cuisine. Such as Pan fry, stir fry, roasting, boiling, steaming, etc. Not always deep fry.  "

2. Exercise resolution  "In the exercise resolution, please remember the rules of 8-10 rules. That is, drink as much as eight to ten glasses a day, then sunbathe about 15 minutes at 8-10 a.m.,  "said Aldis. While exercising, Aldis suggests that we do not overestimate the body because the immune system will decline.  "The ideal exercise duration is about 30-45 minutes for cardio sports. " Then, continued Aldis, it's worth the sport to be done with moderate intensity. "Because if the intensity of the sport is high, we risk exposure to infection. "  "During weight training, we can use body weight, for example push up, sit up, squat. " Meanwhile, other types of sports that can be done for 30 minutes, said Aldis, namely yoga, dance, body weight training, and jogging.

3. Mind and Soul resolution  "At the time of the pandemic, keep the mind calm and not easy to panic. So we do not stress,  "Ujar Aldis. Aldis mentions four ways to apply mind and soul resolution. Namely: 1. Video call routine with friends and family 2. Meditation for five minutes 3. Sleeps 7-8 hours a day 4. Not easy to believe with Hoaks and excessive pandemic issues

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